The teenager was found fatally injured on Edgware Road near the junction of Church Street

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The teenager was found fatally injured on Edgware Road near the junction of Church Street

Three teenagers have been found guilty of killing a 17-year-old boy outside a KFC takeaway in central London.

Yousef Beker was fatally stabbed in the chest outside the restaurant on Edgware Road, Westminster, on 10 September.

Following a delay to the trial due to the coronavirus pandemic, Zeshaun Daley, 19, and a 17-year-old boy were convicted at the Old Bailey of murder and having an offensive weapon.

Another boy, aged 17, was convicted of manslaughter.

Three other defendants, Shakur Dixon-Kenton, 20 and two boys aged 17 and 16, were cleared of involvement.

The court had heard how Yousef had been singled out and chased by a group of youths.

‘Knives were out’

Prosecutor Tim Cray had told jurors that Yousef “never stood a chance” as the “trouble started pretty quickly”.

He said: “There was a brief stand-off between the defendants’ group and the group that Yousef was with.

“This turned into a fist fight but within seconds the knives were out.

“The action was sudden, brutal and deadly. After trying to run off down the road, Yousef went to the ground and was surrounded by the chasing group.

“At this time, he was defenceless and the group could do as they wished with him.

“Witnesses saw him being kicked and saw the knives in the hands of the attackers. Two of the knife blows that were aimed at Yousef went into his body.”

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Yousef died from a stab wound to the chest

During the incident, three attackers were seen on CCTV with knives in their hands, the court heard.

Two bloodstained knives were later recovered from nearby streets.

Mr Cray told jurors that the attack had followed an earlier dispute the same morning between a group Yousef was with and two of the defendants.

The defendants will be sentenced at a later date.

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